The Road to 10: 10 wonderful miles!

After a week of catching up on “adulting”, I am finally getting around to recapping half marathon number 10: Rock N Roll San Diego 2016! I flew into San Diego late Thursday night with the fam, where we checked into our room at the Hard Rock  Hotel. We got a room that looked right over […]

The Road to 10: Nothing special number Nine

My 9th half marathon was the Colfax half in Denver just a few weeks ago. Jess had registered forever ago and it’s a run I’ve always wanted to do, so it seemed like a great way to stay trained between Nashville and San Diego. The day before the half, I “ran” the Insane Inflatable 5k […]

The Road to 10: Flying solo for number Seven

Half number 7 was a first for many things. This was the first half of 2016, the first half since recovering from a stress fracture, and  my first half that I traveled and ran solo. Destination:Dallas, Texas! I flew into Dallas where my Oma (German for grandma) picked me up! We spent the afternoon hanging […]

The Road to 10: Six O’Clock, a.k.a “Run Happy Hour”

Half number 6: Viva Las Vegas! The unique thing about Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas is that the race is in the evening. This adds an extra running challenge because my morning race routine was thrown out the window this time. Let’s rewind to the start of the weekend, because not everything that happens in […]

The Road to 10: Five thousand feet above sea level

One year after my first half marathon, I returned to Rock N Roll Denver for number 5! The half itself wasn’t very exciting…except for setting a PR that I have yet to beat: 2:21:48! Since the race took place in Denver, there is no better time than now to tell you about all the wonders […]

The Road to 10: The “Fource” is strong with this one

The force is strong with half marathon number four! The gravitational force that is. As a physicist, I am fascinated by all things related to mechanics, gravity, and how every aspect of the world works. The gravitational force was strong with half marathon number four because the entire run was downhill! I was signed up to […]