The Road to 10: Nothing special number Nine

My 9th half marathon was the Colfax half in Denver just a few weeks ago. Jess had registered forever ago and it’s a run I’ve always wanted to do, so it seemed like a great way to stay trained between Nashville and San Diego.

The day before the half, I “ran” the Insane Inflatable 5k in Loveland, Colorado. My friend, Lindsey, and I went out to have a fun time on the inflatables and we didn’t actually run at all. It had been raining that morning, so the entire course was wet and muddy! As we went through, the inflatables got more disgusting. By the end, I was covered in mud and my feet were soaked! I apparently am also terrified to go down slides, because I look horrified in all of my pictures…

The night before the half, I was trying to set out my flat runner when Elle decided that she likes to play with the elastic on my bib belt. Elle LOVES elastic. She can shoot a hair tie across the room better than I can!

Race morning came around and I ran the first few miles no problem! Then, I started getting some pain where I had a stress fracture a few months ago. I decided to do an interval run. I would run harder than usual for about half a mile and then walk it out for about a tenth of a mile. This kept my ankle from having constant impact and kept the pain to a minimum. Jess ran the whole thing. We ended up crossing the finish line together at 2:29:13! I decided that I like interval running for halfs. I’ve seen people do it before, but I had never done it at such a good pace before! Here we are at the end…looking great, feeling great, and SOOOOO ready for BRUNCH!IMG_5555

This race was fun because of the course through Denver. My favorite part was running a mile through the Denver Zoo! It’s funny how normally people walk through the zoo watching the animals, but this time the animals were watching the people as we ran through! How many people have had monkeys and elephants on the course support team?! We also ran through a fire station, which did not have firefighters in it…the very attractive firefighters were a couple of miles later with the truck. If firefighters and monkeys aren’t good mid-race motivation, I don’t know what is!

Overall, it was an eventful weekend with my own version of a remix challenge. While I didn’t get an extra medal for a double race weekend, I had a blast participating in local races! Thanks Jess and Lindsey for dragging me out there! IMG_5573


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