The Road to 10: Flying solo for number Seven

Half number 7 was a first for many things. This was the first half of 2016, the first half since recovering from a stress fracture, and  my first half that I traveled and ran solo. Destination:Dallas, Texas! I flew into Dallas where my Oma (German for grandma) picked me up! We spent the afternoon hanging out with her dog, Billie. Then, we made dinner and mapped out the weekend. Billie loved to sit under the dinner table and lick my feet.


Friday morning we went to the expo nice and early! I got my bib and all that jazz. Having a Tour Pass allowed me to skip the check out line at the Brooks merchandise store, which is a great perk! FullSizeRender 4

Next stop: the Sparkly Soul headband booth (Duh!). I went a little nuts and got 4 new headbands! I LOVE the new Run Dallas headband. Oma snapped tons of pictures of me in my natural habitat.

After the expo, we went exploring Dallas together and saw all the sights I haven’t seen since I was a wee little flower girl in my dad’s wedding. We checked out cool statues of cows (or bulls, or whatever they are). IMG_4088.JPG

Then, we went up in the Reunion Tower for lunch. We stayed long enough for the restaurant to fully rotate (about an hour). While up there, we could see the start line and the finish line. We could  also see where President Kennedy was shot. I didn’t know at the time, but the half marathon would run right down that street.

That evening, I learned how to make Schnitzel, which is a super delicious breaded pork thing. I also went with Opa (grandpa) to take Billie on his evening walk.

Before heading to bed, Billie and I bonded while I stretched out my legs which were tired from walking all day. Billie also helped me lay out my flat runner.

Saturday morning was the 5k! Oma and I were freezing out there!

As I was getting ready to hop in the start corral, I ran into fellow Sparkly Soul ambassador Briana! We chatted for a bit and then ran the first mile together. It was nice to make a new running friend since my usual crew had to sit this one out.

The Dallas 5k was a bit short (Garmin said 2.87 miles), so my time was 28:31… a new PR! But does it really count when the course is about a quarter-mile shorter than normal? After chatting with Briana, I made plans to meet the Black Sheep runners for dinner that night! This was my first social meet up while on the road for a race! IMG_4124

As I prepared my flat runner for the half, I realized that I didn’t have any long pants to wear in the morning before the race. I had also left my onesie at home. Have no fear…Target was just down the street! I went to Target in hopes of finding a onesie. I had no luck, so I got a pair of sweats from the boys section (only $10 compared to $20 in the women’s section!). I went back to post some pics of my flat runner before heading off to bed. This shirt is one of my favorites. If you don’t recognize the quote, you need to go watch Legally Blonde right now! It is one of my favorite movies… I even named my cat, Elle, after the main character. IMG_4122

Race morning! Oma took tons of photos again, and we were much warmer than at the 5k! I really like having a “pit crew” to hold all of my stuff for me instead of having to use gear check.

Oma was a FABULOUS cheerleader! She stayed at the finish line for the entire time I was racing. She watched the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dancing at the finish line, and she snapped a picture of me running into the finish line!

Official time: 2:34:18. Not too shabby considering I had run a total of 8 miles since the first of the year…thanks stress fracture. I also got to pick up my Remix Challange medal since I ran both the 5k and the half!

Post race, I was starving! I insisted we go to In-n-Out burger for lunch since we do not have In-n-Out in Denver.  A picture is really worth a thousand words on this one…IMG_4146

Overall, this racecation was FANTASTIC! I may have run solo, but I got to spend quality time with my family in Dallas and discover a world of other runners who travel solo and meet people through the social running scene. After being featured in Briana’s Dallas 5k blog post, I started thinking, “Maybe I should start a blog!” Thanks for the inspiration, Briana! Check out her blog at


One thought on “The Road to 10: Flying solo for number Seven

  1. Thank you Libby for your on cool report of your Dallas Rock. We were glad to have you and I hope you enjoyed it too. Billy sure knows you now !!!!!!!! I’ll see you in Denver soon and keep RUNNING !!!!!!
    Glad you met some friends here and I enjoyed the outings we had. Hugs.Oma


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