The Road to 10: Five thousand feet above sea level

One year after my first half marathon, I returned to Rock N Roll Denver for number 5! The half itself wasn’t very exciting…except for setting a PR that I have yet to beat: 2:21:48! Since the race took place in Denver, there is no better time than now to tell you about all the wonders of the city where I live and the crazy busy life of mine!

The weekend of Rock N Roll Denver kicked off on Friday. After donating our onesies in Nashville, Jess and I were in need of new onesies for the chilly race morning. So after hitting up the race expo to get our packets, we went on an adventure to Target! After trying on a couple onesies right in the middle of the store, we decided on Captain America onesies. The Minions onesies came in close second and I hope they come back next season so I can get one!

After Target, we hit up a local winery for a couple glasses of wine and a plate of cheese. This was a great opportunity to catch up on life and talk about all of the things we had been too busy with school to talk about before! Outside the winery, we saw this wonderful sign…


Saturday morning rolled around. As a cheerleader at the Colorado School of Mines, this meant it was FOOTBALL DAY! It wasn’t just any football day, it was Lil’ Diggers cheer camp day which meant we had a cheer camp starting early in the morning for elementary aged kids. The kids then cheered the first half of the football game with us! 


After the game, I hurried home, resisted the urge to nap, and took a quick picture with Elle in matching Sparkly Soul headbands. She was so thrilled to be having a photo shoot with headbands. 


We immediately headed downtown where we got a hotel room with Jess’s family who was in town for the race. We started the evening by having dinner at the hotel. Jess should really consider a career in modeling…pastrami has never looked so good!


After dinner, we headed to the Buell Theater at the Denver Performing Arts Center to see If/Then. If/Then is an absolutely wonderful musical that I am obsessed with! After you read this you need to Google it, read all about it, listen to the soundtrack, and then travel across the country to see it because it’s that good! Did I mention that when we saw it in Denver, the star of the show was IDINA MENZEL!? If you aren’t familiar with Idina, she’s Else in Disney’s Frozen. If you haven’t heard of Frozen, it’s time to crawl out from under the rock you are living under. Here’s a pic of us on Race Eve and another picture from when we saw it a week later. Yes, we saw the show twice while it was in Denver. We even hung out after to meet part of the cast.

Looking back at my pictures from Race Eve, I have several pictures of my ankle in KT tape. I had my ankle taped at the expo and took the pictures so I could remember how to tape it in the future. What is wrong with my ankle? Well, while training for Denver 2014 (a full year before this picture was taken) Jess took me on a “run” up a beautiful hiking trail. As we were coming back down, I thought it would be smart to walk instead of run to decrease my chances of tripping and injuring myself. While walking, I did just that and sprained my ankle. As a busy, stubborn college student, I decided to just wrap it, ice it, heat it, tape it, and drown it in Advil so I could keep running. That ankle still bothers me today. Moral of the story: see a doctor when you get injured and rest! Even though it’s tempting to keep running, that only makes it worse.

Race morning had arrived! My parents came downtown and met us at the hotel we were staying at. We all ate breakfast together in the hotel lobby. Here’s a wonderful onesie picture that shows you how much I love mornings.


By the time we reached the start area, I had taken in tons of oxygen-deprived air and woken up! We got a family photo in front of the big inflatable vinyl record.


Next, we ditch the onesies (at gear check because those are valuable!) and then head to the corral. I think we got a bit bored in the corral. Here are just a few of the corral pictures of us in our Colorado-themed outfits…

At the finish line, we took priceless mother-daughter pictures with our medals!

After only having one picture from RNR Denver 2014, we felt the need to take tons of photos. We continued taking photos even after we got back to the hotel.

We headed back home and I started packing for a trip to Wisconsin for a job interview! While I was driving home from the store, I heard a loud noise…then my tire pressure light came on about 2 seconds later. I immediately pulled off the highway into the nearest parking lot. Sure enough…flat tire…But have no fear! My aunt Sheri came to the rescue and helped me change my very first flat tire!

While this seems like an incredibly eventful weekend, it was really an average weekend for me. I always seem to have a million things on my schedule, and if it weren’t for my Google calendar and my planner, I would never be able to keep track of it all.


Eventually I will get my race calendar linked to this blog, but for now, let’t just admire the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains as seen while writing this post on the flight to San Diego for Half number 10!



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